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Lars Ulrich Confirms Metallica Has “Some Ideas” for Next Album

Lars Ulrich Confirms Metallica Has "Some Ideas" for Next Album

Metallica‘s latest offering, 72 Seasons, has finally hit the shelves on April 14th and fans are already in a frenzy. As the excitement builds, speculations have already begun about when the iconic band will grace us with their next album. Also, the band’s drummer, Lars Ulrich, has confirmed that they do have “some ideas we could start with” when it comes to new material.

While some may question how anyone could possibly be thinking about the future when we’ve just received 72 Seasons after years of waiting, music fans will always clamor for more. During an interview with journalist David Fricke, Ulrich was asked about any unused material that may be considered for a follow-up album.

Lars Ulrich talked, “There’s always a few riffs in the riff tank” when pressed about “leftovers” that could provide a head start on a potential new album. Ulrich then shifted his focus to the worldwide tour in support of 72 Seasons, stating that he is looking forward to “going live and being in sharing mode for the next couple of years.”

The drummer also expressed his admiration for his bandmates, stating that “James writes more riffs when he’s tuning his guitar than most people do in a lifetime. There’s definitely a few things to hit up as soon as we feel we want to get creative again,” before returning to the topic at hand.

After the release of their last album, Hardwired… To Self-Destruct, the band members repeatedly assured fans that they wouldn’t have to wait eight years for their next album. Although they came close with a seven-year gap between that release and ’72 Seasons’, it’s thanks to Robert Trujillo’s bold move that stirred the writing process for this release.

With each album release, Metallica has managed to stay relevant and fresh, and 72 Seasons is no different. It’s an album that showcases the band’s signature sound while still incorporating new elements. The album is a perfect blend of old-school heavy metal and modern rock, making it a must-listen for fans of the genre.

Metallica’s world tour is set to kick off on April 27th, and fans can check out the upcoming dates at their official website.

Recently, Lars Ulrich also added his favorite Metallica songs he likes to play live. There were songs from Master of Puppets and The Black Album.

Metallica‘s latest album, 72 Seasons, has been a massive success, and fans are eagerly waiting for the band’s next release. With Lars Ulrich’s confirmation that the band has ideas for new material, fans are already speculating about what’s to come. Metallica’s music has stood the test of time, and their dedication to their craft is what makes them so special. Whether they’re in the studio or on stage, Metallica always delivers, and their fans can’t get enough of them.

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