Lars Ulrich Reveals Metallica Songs He Likes To Play Live

Lars Ulrich Reveals Metallica Songs He Likes To Play Live

The drummer Lars Ulrich named his favorite Metallica songs he likes to play live. There were songs from Master of Puppets and The Black Album.

Ulrich’s contributions to Metallica can be traced back to the band’s inception in 1981, when he co-founded the band with James Hetfield. As one of the primary songwriters for Metallica, Ulrich’s visionary approach to music composition has helped define the band’s distinctive sound, characterized by fast and aggressive thrash metal riffs, complex song structures, and thought-provoking lyrics.


Beyond his role as a songwriter, Ulrich’s drumming style has become an integral part of Metallica‘s music. Known for his fast and precise playing, he has been credited with pioneering the use of double bass drumming in thrash metal, a technique that has since become a hallmark of the genre. His drumming has provided the driving force behind many of Metallica’s most iconic tracks, such as One, Master of Puppets, and Battery, and has been a key factor in the band’s live performances, which are renowned for their high energy and intensity.

Preparing to release one more studio album on April 14, 2023, named 72 Seasons, Metallica has 10 studio albums in its musical catalog for now. During his recent appearance on Mandatory Metallica, which is an exclusive SiriusXM channel of Metallica, Lars Ulrich named the songs that he loved to play live on his stage with his band. The drummer first named Sad But True and explained why he chose the song.

“I have a few favorites from where I’m sitting,” Ulrich says. “‘Sad But True’ is a particular favorite of mine. I love the feel of that song and the kind of the stomp and the size of it. You know, it’s a song for me, that I play pretty much different every…

“There’s some of the songs that are really rigid and some of the other songs that are a little more freeform. ‘Sad But True’ falls kind of on the far end of the freeform scale.

“Every night you play sort of different drum fills and push, pull, all that stuff. So that one I love playing.”


Concluding his words, Lars Ulrich also touched on Welcome Home (Sanitarium) from the Master of Puppets album.

“I love playing ‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium),’ which also subscribes a little bit to the same kind of, I don’t think I ever play it the same way twice, so those are fun,” he continued. “Those are the first two that come to mind.”

Currently, Metallica is working hard to release its upcoming eleventh album, 72 Seasons. So far, the band has released four songs from the album: Lux Æterna, Screaming Suicide, If Darkness Had A Son and 72 Seasons.


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