Nita Strauss Drops ‘Winner Takes All’ Featuring Alice Cooper

Nita Strauss Drops 'Winner Takes All' Featuring Alice Cooper

The American rock guitarist Nita Strauss has dropped a new single called Winner Takes All, which featured her longtime bandmate Alice Cooper on vocals.

Nita Strauss is a rock guitarist known for her work with Alice Cooper, as well as for her solo career. Guitar World magazine has named her one of the top 10 female guitarists of all time and has released several albums showcasing her virtuosic playing style. Strauss has also collaborated with other notable musicians and bands, including Iron Maiden, Femme Fatale, and The Iron Maidens.

The guitarist has been working hard for her upcoming new album for a while. The album will be a follow-up to her debut one Controlled Chaos, released on November 16, 2018. Previously releasing two singles from the upcoming album, now it’s time to listen to the brand new single, Winner Takes All, featuring Alice Cooper.

Nita Strauss opened up about the song and Alice Cooper‘s appearance on the track after releasing it. She said it was an honor to hear the singer’s voice on one of her songs. Nita also praised Cooper‘s sound and singing voice.

“When we were working on the music for this album, there was no question that I wanted to create a song to collaborate with my longtime boss and friend, the legendary Alice Cooper,” Strauss says.

“I think the track accomplishes what we set out to do — showcase Alice’s voice and signature style on the backdrop of a heavy, modern rock track.

“After many years of lending my style of playing to Alice’s music on stage, it was truly an honor to work together and hear his voice on one of my songs!”

As you remember, Strauss rejoined Alice Cooper‘s solo band after her short stint with Demi Lovato. Following her joining Alice Cooper‘s band, The Godfather of Shock Rock announced he would be working on his new album.

You can listen to Nita Strauss’ new single Winner Takes All below.


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