Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood Teases New Album with Dudu Tassa: ‘Jarak Qaribak’

Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood And Dudu Tassa Teases New Album 'Jarak Qaribak'

Known for his contributions to the rock band Radiohead, Jonny Greenwood joined forces with the rock musician Dudu Tassa on a new album called Jarak Qaribak.

Jonny Greenwood is a highly acclaimed English musician and composer, known for his exceptional guitar skills as the lead guitarist of the legendary alternative rock band, Radiohead. Born on November 5, 1971, in Oxford, Greenwood grew up in a musical family and began playing instruments at an early age.

As a member of Radiohead, Greenwood has been instrumental in shaping the band’s unique sound, characterized by intricate guitar work, haunting melodies, and experimental compositions. He is widely regarded as one of the most innovative guitarists of his generation, and his virtuosic performances have earned him widespread critical acclaim.

Aside from his work with Radiohead, Greenwood has also forged a successful career as a film composer, creating stunning soundtracks for critically acclaimed films such as There Will Be Blood and Phantom Thread, both directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. His film scores have been lauded for their emotional depth, technical prowess, and innovative use of orchestration.

Recently, Jonny Greenwood has announced that he collaborated with Dudu Tassa on the new album, named Jarak Qaribak, which translates to “Your Neighbor Is Your Friend.” The LP will be released on June 9 and featured several vocalists, including Karrar Alsaedi, Ahmed Doma, Mohssine Salaheddine, Safae Essafi, and more. Moreover, the duo also released a single from the album, named Ashufak Shay.

The album ‘Dudu Tassa‘ will consist of 9 tracks in total, which can be seen below.

01. Djit Nishrab (featuring Ahmed Doma)
02. Ashufak Shay (featuring Rashid Al Najjar)
03. Taq ou-Dub (featuring Nour Freteikh)
04. Leylet Hub (featuring Mohssine Salaheddine)
05. Ya Mughir al-Ghazala (featuring Karrar Alsaadi)
06. Ahibak (featuring Safae Essafi)
07. Ya ’Anid Ya Yaba (featuring Lynn A.)
08. Lhla Yzid Ikthar
09. Jan al-Galb Salik (ft. Noamane Chaari and Zaineb Elouati)

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